Dunhome Fete

What better way to spend a hot summer day than at a village fete?

*ignores answers of swimming in an outdoor pool at a tropic resort with a load of models, and other such mental images*- I'm talking about realistic ways to spend a hot summer day.


*looks vacant, thinking about those models*.... no Scotland! must keep mind on track.

Well I have to say that I really enjoyed my day at the Dunholme Fete (even given the lack of swimwear clad models). The sprogs going to the Jamboree from Lincoln District had managed to get a couple of stalls at the Fete and they had invited me along. I happily accepted and took along something for their cake stall.

Mind you, they had LOADS of cake!
nom nom nom...

Unfortunately Bob was very happy. I should explain... Bob is my podge; and I figure that it might work like my fish, if I name any of my fish then the named fish will die. And don't get me wrong, Bob must die! Just a case of waiting is all.

It may look a lot in the photo, but this was part way through the day, so they had already sold a load, and they still had more hidden under the table!

I've yet to find out how much they raised, but I'm sure that it was a lot!


Adam said...

I'm guessing it wasn't hard luring people to your stall - So much cake! :D