I can't believe I'm missing out...

Every two summers, in the hills of Perthshire, in the grounds of Blair Castle, scouts from across the globe gather for two weeks of sheer joy.

... and this time I won't be with them!

*sniff* I know, it's so upsetting

Give me a moment to sort myself out.... *sniff*...


Ok, I think I can carry on.

If I was still living in Scotland then I believe that I would currently getting all excited about seeing all my friends again at the Blair Atholl International Patrol Jamborette. In fact, the staff... a lot of whom I consider friends, will be arriving on site TOMORROW.... mind you, I am going to be going to Switzerland in less than a month so I can't complain too much!

I've been to Blair 4 times in the past, once as a scout and three times as staff, and it was at Blair that I was bitten by the Jambo-bug. Shortly after attending Blair as a scout I applied to the World Jamboree in Thailand... and I've been doing international scouting ever since.

Blair has a lot to answer for!

At some point I'll hunt out some of my old photos so that you can get an idea of how unique Blair Atholl really is... even on the scale of Jamborees its fairly unique. But until then I would recommend that you visit the website linked above and check out the galleries.

To all those that are going to Blair, I know you will all have a wonderful time... enjoy it and treasure it.