Stick another one on the Barbie

No... not the plastic doll... and you ain't sticking that anywhere!

The barbie was hosted by COLDnet for the local explorer units. So that they would know that we exist and hopefully be tempted to join us. Not only were we going to feed them, but we said that we would entiretain them aswell with a good old fashioned game of rounders.

After arriving at the wrong part of the park (woops), we quickly managed to get ourselfs sorted out with the gear, which was handy given that the explorers started arriving shortly afterwards. Dirty Scout and I quickly took some sort of register and collected money (£1 a head isn't too bad for food and entertainment of an evening), while GI made sure that the area was ready for rounders.

And then the race began... we had about 40odd kids playing rounders while Dirty Scout and I cooked burgers and sausages on the barbie. There was, of course, the odd sacrificial burger that disintegrates (damn you Birds-Eye). But in the end we managed to get them all fed! (although I will admit, they won the race and finished the game before I finished cooking)

Given that it was dark, I got some of my light up circus equipment out and they got to have a go of some poi (weights on end of chains that you swing round) and some staff spinning. I also did a bit of fire poi... but don't worry, none of the explorers got their hands on that!

All in all the night was a success, I'm not entirely sure if we actually raised any funds with it... but it has certainly raised the profile of the network.

my apologises for this being so delayed in getting posted.... life has been rather busy to say the least recently!