Patrol Leaders Training Camp


When you're on a night out on town, are onto the third bar of the night (i think); which so happens to be a rather cheap cocktail bar; and you are getting rather pickled... don't answer the phone from your District Commissioner for Scouts!

If she is smart like mine, she'll tell that you're inebriated and take the opportunity to ask you to help with the running of the district Patrol Leaders Training camp.


... damn cocktails.

In all honesty tho, even tho it sounded like it might not be that much fun (given that a fair chunk of it was tutorial type talks with the 30odd sprogs)... it actually turned out better than I thought it would be.

The sprogs and the other leaders were a good laugh, and the little darlings seamed to pick up a lot of what being a Patrol Leader is. Tho, only time will tell if they really have learned anything from the experience.

Chris, (my District Commissioner for Scouts) am sorry to tell you that I no longer drink alcohol... so you will have to find other methods.

... I suggest chocolate =)