Infiltrating the GSL meeting

"Scotland, what are you up to tomorrow evening?"

Why is it that any time I get asked this loaded question a tiny wee alarm bell does off in my head? I can just picture the Homer Simpsons control desk type set up in my head with an alarm going off in the background... unfortunately, like Homer, the wee guy at the controls is usually either asleep or preoccupied with doughnuts (but he spells them doughnuts and not donuts because he isn't American!)

Mind you, if I am honest, I wasn't actually that bothered about being asked this by Mim this time... she has been exceptionally helpful to me recently so I owed her a favour (and if we're counting I probably owe several more- thank goodness we're not counting).

So on Wednesday I set off to take Mims place at the Group Scout Leaders meeting being held by the district. It was rather long, and I am sorry to say Mim... but I have about 6 or 7 pages of notes that I am going to have to go through with you.

The last part of the meeting had to be the most interesting, it was covering the District Camp to be held in September this year. I don't want to give too much away ahead of the game... but it sounds AWESOME!!!

I so want a go of a load of the activities!

ooo... and I forgot to say, on Monday we had a mammoth circus skills session with the Scothern Scout Group. We did their Beavers, Cubs and Scouts one right after the other! It was a long, but enjoyable 4 hours. And I have to say, they are probably the most talented (circus wise anyway) so far