Given that I will be blogging about some of my expeditions well after the event, usually when I have quieter weeks (yes, I can have quiet weeks, honest!) I'll group the different posts together on this page so that you can easily link to them. Hopefully being able to make some sort of sense out of them.

... cause I'm nice like that!

I also have a handy new map so you can see where I am talking about, I'll keep adding pins on the map as I blog about them.

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3Nations 2009
Network expedition to Mongolia and China. One of the most memorable events of my life to date. Thanks to Tim C, Mark C, Rosie and Rich P and Katy E for donating photos and videos.

Explorer Belt: Black Forest, Germany 2009
The Explorer Belt Award is a 10 day expedition in a foreign country, completing one major challenge and 10 smaller challenges along the way. These challenges are designed to make you interact with the public and experience the culture.
Yet to be blogged. (tho I do have a hand written diary of it all!)

Kandersteg 2010
The first international trip fro my sprogs, and it's the first one that I have ever organised. Trip was a success! Have completed my diary, just need to type it up for you all!

World Scout Jamboree 2011: Kristianstad, Sweden
I'm lucky enough to be one of the Assistant Unit Leaders for Lincolnshire to the WSJ2011 in Sweden! The World Scout Jamboree is a gathering of around 30,000(ish) scouts from all over the World for a couple of weeks.
Trip is yet to happen (tho I will also log the training, meetings and fundraising)