So what is all this then?

So you're looking for answers then...
... 42

Ok, so you're wanting some real answers, why didn't you say so? You did... oh, my bad.

What's this blog about then?
Throughout my life, scouting has been my passion. And I have come to realise that I generally do quite a lot of scout related work... even on the scouting scale some would say that I am a rather busy bunny. Not that I hold a high up position or anything like that, but I keep myself out of trouble.

This blog is a diary of my scouting adventures, both big and small, in my attempt to show what scouting means to me.

Why do you blog?
Well, there are a number of different reasons.
Mainly it's because I kept getting asked by people I meet from outside of scouting "why are you a scout leader?", which is a very difficult question to answer purely because there are so many reasons. Hopefully this blog will make it apparant why I do it, mainly its because I enjoy it.

Initially I had intended on making this blog a resource... full of game instructions and activity outlines. But it got dull to be honest, heck even I found it boring so why would I expect anyone else to read it. Now it's much more my diary, and as such can end up being slightly quirky.*

Why I still blog is because I enjoy it, it helps remind me how fun it is to be in scouts. I have to say that I am particularly enjoying going through all my old stuff from trips in the past and reminiscing. Frankly I think that it would be a shame for me not to get these memories down somewhere, otherwise (god forbid) I may start forgetting.

Any blogging insperation?
I will put my hands up and admit that there are several blogs that I follow, and what is more they are usually completely and utterly unrelated to scouts. I follow these, not really for the topic, but more for the fact that I find them funny.
(for example) ... ok I like to cook and bake... deal with it!

I've had a look around for scouting blogs in the past, but I will be honest in saying that I found the vast majority of them extremely boring (don't get me wrong there are a couple that I like and I have linked them on the main page).

These leaders that blog about scouting just seamed to get too bogged down in the politics; the latest changes to POR, moaning about so-and-so and lamenting over such-and-such. It actually really annoyed me. Scouts in supposed to be FUN! Basically they inspired me, because I realised that if I couldn't find a blog that showed the lighter side of scouting, the real reason any of us actually do it, then I would need to write it myself!

... end of rant

What on earth is a 'sprog'?
Ok, maybe I should explain some of the terms that I use to describe the Scouts:

Sprog: a British term for child... I've derived some other terms from this one. Sprog is generally used by me for Scouts and Explorers
Sprogette: a sprog of the female variety. Think smurfette.
Sproglet: a small sprog. ie a Cub Scout
Sprog Spawn: a Beaver Scout, luckily I don't have a lot of dealings with the Beaver section.
Cubillywinks: another term for cub scouts.
Little angels/darlings: Usually used to describe any of the kids when they are being anything but.

*If I talk about an activity that you like then please feel free to contact me for more information on how I ran it, I don't mind sharing my ideas and resources... actually I would be rather chuffed to know that another leader is using my ideas