No wait... strike that

awww man, you're going to make me go spare if you keep this up.

just shut up and eat your turkey already


So can you guess what we were doing the other week? Yeah, that's right, we went ten pin bowling!

We paid for a game and they paid for a game, and because we went slightly earlier then we normal would go it was a load cheaper. Woo hoo for discounts for arriving 15 minutes earlier.

It was a fantastic night... very laid back and relaxed. Did some bowling, got some cream sodas and curly fries (cause we all know that they are the king of fries- especially ones that are slightly spicey). Mind you, that doesn't mean that the sprogs didn't manage to scare us.

They were scarily good, numerous strikes throughout the evening... the ante had to be uped a bit when we had the bumpers up for the second game, the sprogs started getting so many strikes!
well, lets just say that there were some rather... unique... techniques involved.

Let's go through some of them shall we...

The Big Run Up Technique:
This methodology involves running with the bowling ball right up to the line. Stopping suddenly. Then drawing the ball back and throwing it.

The Top Gun Technique:
Called the 'Top Gun' technique as if it is successfully executed then you will convince everybody around you that you are actually a fighter jet just about to take off. The ball starts off behind you and level with or above your head. It is then swung at high velocity while you run towards the line. Hopefully you release the ball before you join it down the lane. Maximum points if everyone behind you flinches. (also known as the Reverse Rocker as the arch your arm makes looks like someone playing the air guitar backwards)

It's actually remarkably similar to this... but with a bit more velocity and deadliness. Think of this at double speed and you're closer to it.

The Stop Drop and Roll:
No... not that stop drop and roll...
Unlike its predecessors this techniques doesn't actually require a running start. If anything, it looks better if you start off by just wandering up to the line. At which point you stop, drop the ball onto the floor and then roll it down the lane with both hands.

The Squat and Drop:
Fine balance (or a lack thereof... I'm not sure) is required for this technique. The start just looks like any other bowler, but it's all in the finish for this move. Upon releasing the ball, the bowl must squat to the floor (presumably to regain balance or invoke some sort of magical rite or something). The lower the squat, the more pins will be hit. In fact, it was noted that buttocks hitting the floor actually resulted in a strike!

And yes... all of these techniques were used! But what I still can't understand is why the smallest sprog kept getting her finger stuck in the holes... how does that even work?!

This was actually a couple of weeks ago, I've just been keeping rather busy... so didn't have the time to blog straight away. All photos and videos obviously don't belong to me.