Purple Curly Wurly

... right, there, I've said it!

You can stop asking now...


alright then...

"There's been a murder"


you done laughing at my accent now? Can I get on with this?

Thanks... who would have thought, a group of Welsh people finding MY accent funny

This weekend, the circus skills went on tour. Sunday evening we were to run the circus skills for 80 (yes eight zero!) kids, half of whom were from the Czech Republic and their english wasn't fantastic. mind you a lot of people say that about me.

Unlike our usual gigs, after this one was over I didn't head home... instead I set off straight away to Youlbury, near Oxford, to meet my mates Rosie and Rich. They both live in Wales and were in Englandshire for their Explorer Scouts summer camp. Unfortunately one of the activities that they had planned suddenly canceled on them at rather short notice... hence my visit.

Can you tell they're Welsh?
FreeSpirit Explorer Scout Unit... seriously check them out

I arrived onsite shortly before midnight, just when the last of the explorers were getting the final shove into their bedrooms, which meant that, at breakfast in the morning (full greasy fry-up, a camp classic!), I got a number of odd looks from the explorers. I was, apparently, going to be a surprise for them.

I took small groups of the explorers to do circus skills with while the others did pioneering. They made a rather impressive platform (am sure that they have pictures of it covered in sproggage on their website)

That evening was to be the campsites campfire, so Rosie and Rich asked me if I wanted to hang around for it. Being the type of scout leader that is addicted to camp fires, I readily said yes! *bounces slightly with excitement*- I love going to other peoples campfires, you get to learn new songs

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Free Spirit ESU, they made me feel incrediably welcome for the day (and the food was gorgeous!). This is definately a group I would happily go and help again.

... and before I go, I just have to share this with you...
No, she is not hurt... and yes, she was laughing about it when I took the photo