Scouts out for summer...

.... Scouts out for ever (ok, not quite, but hopefully you get the song stuck in your head now... just as it is stuck in mine)

Friday marked the end of the scouting year and to celebrate we decided to have a BBQ for the entire group... and parents... and leaders, basically anyone that showed up! In all, there was about 50 odd people there.

We didn't actually plan any activities for the kids as we wanted the evening to be very laid back and relaxed, which in my opinion was achieved. I had taken along my circus equipment and I put some of the less dangerous stuff out for the little darlings to play with. What I hadn't counted on was the sprog spawn (beavers).

Never.....EVER..... underestimate the destructive powers of sprog spawn.

I actually had to spend a chunk of sunday repairing a lot of the equipment after the beavers had done playing with it. I think my circus equipment can easily relate to the catapillar room in Toy Story 3 now (and if you don't get that reference get your butt to the cinema NOW... ooo and grab a pack of hankies on the way)

Mind you, there was a couple of more formal things to get sorted out that night aswell. There were 2 investitures at the BBQ, one scout and one beaver. And if that wasn't exciting enough we also had to announce the winners of the Patrol Competitions.

Throughout the year I have been collecting points in my little black book for the patrols; from inspections, games, bonus for being particularly helpful etc. At the end of the year the winning patrol gets a decend prize... this isn't a pat on the back, bar of chocolate and a certificate job. This year the prize was:
a Lifeventure Thermal Mug
a Camping Stool
and a Survival Whistle .... and that was all for each of them

The Wolf patrol were the winners, but I have to admit that it was close between the three patrols!

We also had a secondary competition with the patrols, all the points from the market nights throughout the year. The winners for that would get a Phlatball... just something fun for that prize. And would you believe that the Wolf Patrol were, yet again, the winners!

Congratulations Wolf Patrol, and darn you sprog spawn *shakey fist*