Poi Scouts

I'm pretty sure that I have mentioned it in passing before now, but recently the leaders and I have been undergoing a little experiment to raise some money for the scout troop.

One of my hobbies happens to be circus skills (a tad strange I know... but its better than hanging around on street corners so I am sure that my parents didn't mind too much the odd bit of damage here or there!) Over the years I have collected a good sized pile of equipment, and every now and again I would take it to scouts for them to have a go.

... this is where the fundraising comes from. Basically we've said that for a donation we would go to other scout troops and run a circus skills evening for them. I wasn't even sure if people would even be interested!

So far, so good. All the groups that we've been to so far have really enjoyed it (or seamed to at least), heck some of them are even asking us to come back again for camps etc... we even have a fete on the books.

Some of the stuff that we've been doing with the sprogs:
Devil Sticks
Juggling (scarves, balls and clubs)
Staff Spinning
Plate Spinning
Bouncy Stilts!! (aka. Powerisers)

There also some other odd and sods for the kids to play with.

If I'm honest I'm rather chuffed with what we've managed to achieve, its fundraising that is a bit different, it provides a service for those we are getting money from and most importantly... it doesn't require us to stand for hours packing other peoples shopping!

Oh and by the way... if you check out the new Scout Handbook, there is a page about circus skills with a big picture of someone doing fire poi (swinging balls of fire on the ends of chains).... THAT'S ME! That's right, I am actually in the Scout Handbook!!