This is the end...

... I'm no longer in Network! *cry*

GI had been very quiet about what exactly he had planned for me. So, understandably, I started to get a tad worried.
A worry that I feel can be slightly justified when you arrive to see this:

What on earth? Is he taking the 'Scotland' thing too far and going to crucify me St. Andrew style?

Thankfully not! We were to build catapults and fire wet sponges at those itty bitty bits of paper.

Look at us, being all industrious

Rather formidable no?
Look at it fly!

Mind you, that was the other team... we had a minor technical hitch...

... opps

After this point, things started to get rather messy/wet... so such items like cameras and phones were quickly put away. Good for phones, bad for having photos to show you what happened.

So today class we're are going to use our imaginations (keep with me trust me)

[image of water fight with buckets, sponges and water pistols]

[image of us fixing our catapult with a bucket instead of a collander]

[photo of catapults aimed at each other]

[photo of bucket-of-death flying off and hitting people: twice]

[photo of GI handing out whipped cream and shaving foam to teams to 'mark' their hits]

[photo of me COVERED in shaving foam and whipped cream]

GI did have one more surprise up his sleave: investitures... thats right folks I was invested into COLDnet on my last night!