As mentioned before, we recently changed the structure of the troop.

Here are some condensed notes:
Running Order
  • Flag break
  • Duty PL recites Scout Law
  • Inspection
  • Get changed out of uniform
  • Program
  • Get changed into uniform
  • Flag down
  • Prayer
  • Dismissed

Points System

We wanted to really encourage the patrols to work together as a team, so we created the points system, so all the games and activities they would do (as well as inspection) could gain them points for their patrols. At the end of the scouting year we would award the winning patrol with a DECENT prize (you know... not just a bar of chocolate and a certificate you printed off last minute at work, but something they would actually like!). We also made the point to make sure that this was not used as a punishment for bad behaviour.

Patrol Leaders

A lot of responsibility was going to land on these sprogs shoulders. We told the troop that they were the new point of contact between the scouts and the leaders. If they had problems they should go to the PL, not us (except for in the obvious exceptions), and we would give instructions to just the PLs for them to pass on to their patrols. They would also make sure that their patrol was ready for inspection and that the patrol boxes were present and correct at the start of each night.

At the end of the 'launch night' we invested the PLs into the role of Patrol Leader. We've found that it has really helped with giving the PLs that bit more confidence and authority with the other scouts.

We also went through all the ceremonies with the kids, explaining them all etc. The rest was all fairly standard to be honest... it wasn't major changes, but they have made a huge difference!