... now that my blogging cherry has well and truly been popped, I suppose I should give you some background details so that you can put things into context!

I'm an Assistant Scout Leader in Lincoln helping to run a section of about 15/17 sprogs. The group is relatively new and I, along with the rest of the leader team, are really starting to push the group towards bigger and better things. We recently restructured the group as the previous set up just wasn't working for the kids that we have (I'll post my noted about the restructure in a separate post).
We're going to have to have a program planning meeting fairly soon... so need to get the good old thinking cap on yet again!

I'm also in COLDnet (City Of Lincoln District Network), which is the section for 18-25 years olds. We have a fairly active program and meet every two weeks. I also get to go along to some national network events too.

As for exactly why I am doing this, well:
  • I've always found it rather difficult to find some decent tried and tested program ideas out there
  • I think that some of my experiences should be shared to help encourage others
EDIT: The idea behind this blog has changed a tad since the early days... before I was trying to make it kinda information based and more of a resource than anything else. And to be honest... even I got bored of that, so why should I expect you not to! Now its a heck of a lot less formal, and more focused on the lighter side of scouting, all the funny bits and the happy memories.


Anonymous said...

Great blog! I remember popping my own blogging cherry.....POP! lol

I wish I lived in Lincoln. It sounds like great fun!! :D