First Week Back

Well I should be starting back tonight with a bang.... or should that be a crack?

My first night back at scouts is going to be a drugs awareness night (hence the bad pun). Minty, our newest assistant leader (who also happens to be Scottish weirdly enough), works for the Police and does these drugs awareness talks in schools. So when he suggested that he does it for us at the scout hall we quickly agreed.

Now don't worry, we won't be teaching the sprogs how to take how to shoot up, giving out any free samples or getting them to do some E-learning... but we should be able to dispel any of the myths and rumors that they may have heard on TV or in the playground. We have sent a notice out to the parents tho, just in case they have any objections.

To be honest am not sure exactly what is going to happen tonight, Minty is organising it all and I am more than happy to leave it in his capable hands! I'll report back on how it goes tho over the weekend (prob not tomorrow tho... have got a party after scouts tonight and another party tomorrow night, nothing scout related tho)

now to get the rest of these puns out of my head...
I'll cook up something for you to throw into the pot at your next planning meeting, where you should deal out some jellies, brownies and coke... as long as your not a dope and make a hash of it all should be fine

phew... that's better!- but did you spot them all?