Cause the drugs don't work...

... mind you the vodka does!

Friday night was a success.

We started everything off (after flag break etc) with a quick game of Poison Ivy just to get some energy out of them before moving onto the main activity. Minty got them gathered round the white board and asked them to start listing the drugs that they knew of...

sprog: "Coca Cola"
sprog: "Tea, coffee"
sprog: "cocaine" quickly followed by "that's not my favourite" by one of the others!

Stacey and I stayed at the back of the group and tried to only step in when some of the sproggage started to act up (that and so that we could have a wee giggle and drugs convo of our own... mind you I think that scared Stacey, what with my knowledge from school in Glasgow)

They made up three lists in total, and they had to guess why they were grouped together. Several of them were convinced that it was in drugs classification (A, B, C etc)- which would have made coca cola a class A drug. In reality it was in the effect that it had.... Uppers, Downers and All arounders. Minty then went into some of the drugs that they had listed, showing them some example (fake of course) from the police case and covered some of the physical and social side effects

Including a photo tour of a prison: kind of like a slide show of someones holiday

*in frail wee aunt Edna's voice*:"And here is the bus we were on. And there is the view from our seat on the bus, then this is us arriving at the door, ooh and look, here's us at reception...


... and here's the hotel room, and here's another one of the room, but the other side...."

I joke, but it actually worked really well to show that prison isn't the PS2 and SkyTV its cracks up to be (cracked up... get it!)

Minty then brought out something sure to put them off smoking for life. First of a healthy set of REAL pigs lungs and a set of lungs that have been treated with cigarette smoke.
Sprog: "How did you get the smoked lungs if they're from a pig"
Minty: "Well you get the trotter and you attach a cigarette..."
Scotland: "It's tricky at first, but once you have them addicted then its dead easy"
The lungs really were rather disgusting, I think Stacey was happy that she quit recently!

We then moved on to the effects of alcohol... now remember alcohol is BAD, isn't it...

... what do you mean you don't believe me...

...we all know its bad and should never touch it, its evil evil stuff...
oops sorry for prodding you with my telescopic nose!

We got the kids to do a walk the line test with some wonky glasses on that would simulate whats its like when drunken. The kids found it rather funny to see each other staggering around... I just found it well needed practice for later that night (went straight to a works BBQ after scouts)

And with that we wrapped up the night, all in all I think that the kids enjoyed it and that they learned something, but hopefully nothing too 'practical'