Going... going.... GONE

*please imagine in your snootiest English accent*

Hello, and welcome to Life Auction Ltd.

Please, make yourself comfortable. You are, of course, here because your life is lacking that Je ne sais quoi... that x factor... anything to be honest. You are as they say, a blank canvas and you are here because you want to buy the life you have always wanted!

Hell yeah...

Yes, sir... please... sit down. I do realise that you are trying out that 'enthusiasm' before next weeks auction, but please, try to restrain yourself. That reminds me, unfortunately one of our deliveries didn't arrive which means that we are now out of patience.

But do not fear, your auctioneer this evening is a Mr. Minty... known to his friends as... well he's doesn't have them as he has never been able to afford to buy them.

Any other Life products that you may have been sold or experienced in the past are now nul and void that you have entered our quaint auction house. You can have any life that you choose, provided that you are able to outbid your counterparts..."

This Friday featured the Life Auction, where the scouts were presented with 25 positive personal attributes... which they would then have to buy auction style. How much they would spend would depend on how much they valued that particular lot over the other items and against each other. It got some rather interesting results.

With Good Memory being the highest priced, lots of them fighting over a Loving Relationship and Sporting Talent being rather popular in the end.