Its all in the planning

Its days like this that I am reminded of the old addage:

"Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration"

... which obviously doesn't help when you are trying to get ready for a program planning meeting! Personally I would rather have everyone at the meeting was full of inspiration than being a big sticky mass that's going to leave sweat stains on my sofa!

ewww... mental soap. Might want to by in some fabric cleaner on the way home tho, just in case

Anyway, this evening we are going to be having a program planning meeting to try to arrange what on earth we are going to do with all these sprogs for the rest of the year. I have a couple of ideas that I noted down during some down time at work yesterday... wait let me check...

wow... that new lynx stuff must be working! but I'm going to keep quiet just now, but I will prob give you a run down on the type of stuff that we are going to do (a kind of preview of posts to come on here)

Plus side to planning meeting is ordering in pizza and cake etc!