On the sidelines

Sometimes you set challenges and you really aren't entirely sure if the sprogs are ready for it... but you throw it at them anyway just incase.

Well, I had challenged the patrol leaders to run the entire night, and I said that all I would do is stay at the side and only step in if I really had to. Personally I had thought that they would not have planned anything. Given that last week they had forgotten about the challenge, my expectations for a program weren't very high.

In fact, I even had an alternative plan...

...cleaning out the store cupboards.

I know it sounds boring, but that's my point! Why should I give them a really fun night to reward the patrol leaders lack of planning? It would also mean that next time I set a similar challenge they would be even less likely to bother, given that they would know they would get a load of fun.

My cupboards are still in a state.

In fairness to them, they did a good job. They did run out of program about 45mins before the end of the evening (we meet for 2hours every week), but they managed to blag the rest of it. It was really really strange to be at the side while they just got on with it! But somehow I am prepared to get used to it, especially given that the patrol leaders have said that they enjoyed it and would do it again! woo hoo

I would say that the experiment was a success!


Adam said...

Sounds like it went really well.

I might ask the leaders at my explorer unit if we could do a night like this where the three team leaders (kind of like patrol leaders) can run it. I think it could work...

Scotland said...

Let me know how it goes!