Jamboree Meeting

A couple of weekends ago there was a Unit Leader weekend for the next World Scout Jamboree. Unfortunately we didn't have enough spaces for all of us to go... so I wasn't able to attend and get all the buzz about the Jamboree first hand.

Last night the Lincolnshire Unit leaders all met up so that we could all be briefed on what happened during the weekend, also so that we could sort out some of the details for the next training camp in October.

I don't want to give anything away just now... we want to make sure that some of it is a surprise to the sproggage. So you guys will just have to wait a little longer for some of those details!

Wha ha ha ha <= that's an evil laugh by the way!


Scotland said...
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Anonymous said...

again testing things out

Chris Meadows aka Kiff said...

Hello Scotland

Firstly glad you have the comments thing sorted.

Secondly - How many unit leaders to Lincolnshirt have. In Avon there are 4 unit Leaders and all of them went to the Leaders weekend.

So I hope you get to go to the next one, they are well worth it. You can learn a lot, pick up tips form other leaders.



Scotland said...

Hey Kiff,

We have 4 leaders in the Lincolnshire Unit. Each unit, at the moment anyway, is only allocated 3 leaders spaces at the Unit Leader Training weekends... or so I have been told... and we would have to pay extra for all four of us to go. With this in mind, only the Unit Leader and the Deputy Unit Leader have been attending them to date.

Its not exactly ideal, but I am looking forward to the all adults training weekend next year!