Jamboree Badges

Well, I promised that I would post this when I had images ready for the Jamboree Unit Badges...

You'll remember that it the design drawn out by one of the members was this:

well... after lengthy discussion with the badge company (believe me, it was a LOT of emails and I may have made the poor man develop a tick) this is what they produced

  This is the Unit Member version

and this is the public version that we'll be selling as part of our fundraising!

I will, of course, be letting you know when they are available for you to buy... you will buy one won't you?!


Chris Meadows aka Kiff said...

Hey Scotland

Looks a realy good badge, the Avon Jamboree Unit "Avonasaurus" has got it badge as well. you can see it here if your intrested http://www.avonscouts.org.uk/wsj2011/images/shop/badge2.png

Yours in Scouting