Week of Chaos

Ronnie Soak has been rather busy this week and not with the dairy mind you.

I have certainly been giving the 'blue arsed fly' a good run for its money... and that headless chicken, well, I passed him ages ago!

Just about every day for the past week I have been up to something scout related.

Quick run down:
Friday: Urban Widegame for our normal scout meeting. Mim and Jo organised a treasure hunt for the sprogs. They were given pictures of a specific location, near which was a number that they had to find (house number, painted on a lamp-post etc). To help find the locations they had been given a list of anagrammed street names.
All was running well until some of the sprogs started to runn of by themselves.
The less said about that the better!

Saturday: ok... I had this one day off!

Sunday: Bagpacking goodness. Seeing that we never fill all the tills anyway we invited the Jamboree participants to join us. Thank goodness we did, cause only two of my sprogs showed up!

Monday: Patrol Leaders meetings. We are trying to meet with the patrol leaders every now and again so that we can get a program that they will all enjoy. Not that it's all easy for them... I've set them some challenges, but will fill you in on them when they come to fruitition.
Was unfortunately late for this given that I have to drive way out to SPILSBY to get these:

for use the next day!

Tuesday: Circus Skill workshop for the 2nd Lincoln. As part of fundraising for the troop, myself and the other leaders are offering to run circus skills workshops for other units for a donation. This was our first one and it went really well. All the kids enjoyed it and the leaders have said that they will recommend us to other troops!

Wednesday: Ronnie Soak was really on form today. It was a Network and Explorer mixer. I was going to phone in saying that I needed a night off... until I got a phone call from the guy running it saying that his girlfriend was unexpectantly in hospital and that I would need to run the night! We also had to put the wet weather plan into action. Unfortunately the wet weather plan only really went so far as to say we'll go to the Waddington scout hall. Given that it was originally a BBQ and a game of rounders I had to improvise!

think I got away with it tho (and you'll we happy to know that she is ok and recovering well)

Thursday: Another night of circus joy, this time at Bassingham (a little village just outside of Lincoln). Hopefully it will go well; especially given my newly without-car state (it broke a bit on Tuesday, and is currently getting fixed... will hopefully be getting it back just before I need it tonight!)

Friday: Normal scout night wih the sprogs... but this time on water... Kayaking baby, you got to love it!

Saturday: Apparantly the Jamboree kids from Lincoln are having a get together/social type thing while their parents have a little (or not so little) chin wag about fundraising. 

I think we all agree... that's a whole lotta scouting right there!