COLDnet photos

Was looking on COLDnet leaders facebook page for those photos of my last night that I said I was going to steal borrow permanently relocate... turns out there are loads of photos from numerous nights... so here is a little selection of them:

Making Khuurshuur!

It can get rather fiddly...

All good things are deep fat fried!

Believe me, these are tastier than they look!

Network Camp (pre-blog):
Pioneering Project (I'm not looking that stable, am I?)

You know, am pretty sure it was climbing onto this contraption that did in my shoulder...

Look! Proof!... but don't ask me what else is going on in the photo, I have no idea!
(I'm actually having to see a physiotherapist for my shoulders now)

 Marshmallows!... cause traditions are sometimes there for a reason