Kayaking kraziness

When Eric eats a banana, a magical transformation occurs and he becomes....

... Bananaman!

hehehe, sorry that isn't me during the kayaking, this is tho:

Yup, we went kayaking with the sprogs this week. It's one of the many and varied activities put on by teams in Lincoln District.

The sproggage loved their time on, and more often IN, the water. One poor sprog somehow managed to unintentionally capsize 4 times by my count.

.... Wait a minute, did I just say "poor sprog"... for those self same sprogs that all shouted "get Scotland!" when I got on the water...

Yes, yes I did. I think it might be time for that yearly head check!

*prod* yup i have a head, check

... Now just to find the instruction manual...

Lessons learned this week:
  • Some sprogs think that steel toe capped boots are okay for kayaking.
  • Swans aren't a huge fan of kayaking... or dogs

This is them pretending not to care and lulling you into a false sense of security 
(actually this was taken after while I walked home from work, Mim struggled with my camera and missed the actual annoyed swan)
  • Sprogs come out with stupid statements like "You're wet" when you have just spent ages waiting for them to get out of the changing room so that you can use it
  • Kayaks can make your legs go numb and make you walk funny when you get out of them!