This Friday was a rather random week for the scouts.

Seeing that I had just taken over as SL, I had been handed the huge Record Card folder that I need to keep up to date with all the activities that the Scouts do... and of course it helps that it be up to date to begin with (which means sitting down with each sprog individually and going through their cards one by one). This, along with briefing the newbies on the basics like the Scout Law and Promise, just about took up the entire night for me.

What the kids did in the mean time ran not too badly. Mim found an idea on Programs Online where we would run a series of knock out games, when the sprog gets knocked out they would be given a challenge (like tie a bowline) and as soon as hey managed it they would be back in the game. The resource from POL came with a kind of record card... which on the whole worked, but Minty (who was issuing the challenges) said that some of the tasks, specifically the first aid ones, would need a bit more of a structure to the challenge (like fill out the questionnaire etc).

The way we ran the night was:
Scotland updating record cards

Minty issuing challenges
Mim running knockout games

Not only did we have new kids, but we have a potential new leader (who shall be referred to on here as Ireland... can you guess where he is from?). He ran games with Mim so that he could get to know the kids a decide if he wants to stay with us. Hopefully we didn't scare him off completely!

All in all, a successful night, although if we were to do it again we would probably tweak it so that it would run better