Chocolate *drool*

mmmmm.... chocolate.... *drool*. Damn, (wipes up puddle on desk)

right, where was I? Oh yes, chocolate. More to the point Fairtrade chocolate.Following on from last weeks Banana themed night about fairtrade (where they had to say who would get how much out of the cost of a bunch of bananas)- I wasn't there last week, so it wasn't just my laziness that resulted in no post.

The night, in short, was a shambles. It was just Mim and I tonight (get well soon Minty) which didn't help in the first place. Apart from that, we had an activity off of Programs Online that Mim had found. I hadn't fully read the instructions for the activity (rooke error I know!) and it turned out that Mim hadn't read it in ages either. So, the two of us ended up having to figure out what happened to be a rather overcomplicated game while the kids were already in the hall.

needless to say confusion reigned

...but surprisingly the sprogs managed to figure out roughly what they were supposed to do (I think I can safely speak for both of us when I say that to this day neither Mim or I actually understand that game!). And even more surprisingly, they LOVED it! They were even asking at the end of the night if they could do it again sometime (fat chance of that happening any time soon)

The actual game itself required the kids to be either cocoa bean sellers, chocolate manufacturers or supermarkets and they would have to try to make as much money as possible (while the supermarkets had to fill their quotas to meet the customers demands). That is all I understand about this game. Other details like what actually marks the end of the game are still a complete mystery to me.

Personally I am going to shelf this activity, store it away in a big box with warning labels, flashing lights and spikes (and possibly a huge boulder to come rolling at you if you try to lift it- Indiana Jones style)... but if you want to try it for yourself then I have added the instructions to

Be warned... use at your own risk!