Down in a hole

Last night COLDnet went on a little outing, to meet the Lincoln Caving Club.

They showed us a couple of promotial videos (which, for videos about caving, had a surprising amount of flesh on show- i think they got calender-girls-itis for a while) before asking us if any of us wanted to have a go at there little obsticle course.

Most of us agreed (the only two that didn't had medical reason... so I suppose we had to let them off with that one!) so we had to get suited about booted. Getting into the overalls alone was a challenge for some... superheroes in their jumpsuits are going to have a run for their money with Tom in his skin-tight overalls. Actually I doubt that Tom would be able to run anywhere in those overalls, well, without loosing any potential offspring. Luckily for him the caving club pulled out some slightly larger overalls for him to use.

The obsticle course underneath the huts at Althum Terrace isn't too bad. They have a couple of squeezes for you to fit through, and other things for you to scramble over. The only thing that I would say against it is that its on hard concrete which can be rather sore on the old elbows and knees.

I think that everyone enjoyed the night, and I have to say that I would be tempted to go on one of the trips that the Caving Club organises.