What do these have in common?

Guess the connection...

This blog...

That's right, things that were once dead but have come back to life!

... well that's the theory anyway, lets see if I can put it into practice and start chronicalling my scouty adventures properly!

The reason for my aformentioned absence of posts recently has been due to the fact that things have changed a lot in the world of Scotland (ie. me... am sure that the country hasn't changed that much!). I am about to start a new job, which is a fantastic thing as I was under the shadow of redundances since I last blogged (which wasn't so fantastic). We've selected all the kids that are going to the Jamboree from the county, our first meeting is on Sunday (am rather excited!). But the biggest change has to be My Little Eskimo (MLE for short, cause well... she is a tad short) my girlfriend!

yes!... that's right WOO HOO

*villagers rejoicing*

... wait a minute *regains composure*

anyway, I'll try to be on the ball from now on!

Things to look forward to: Firestarting, Jamboree Prep, Trip to Kandersteg, more stupid and downright weird statements and questions from the sprogs and sprogettes... and who knows, I may even fill you in with a little bit of extra stuff that grabs my eye every now and again!


Anonymous said...

I wish my boss would let me update my blog from the office :(


Scotland said...


All I can say is that lunchbreaks can be rather handy! And that some of the longer posts take a couple of lunchtime sessions for me to finish (either that or a finish them at home!)