This definition thing is getting out of hand

It wasn't that long ago that I lamented at the fact that the scouts didn't really get the idea behind the word BOIL

todays word is: HIKE
today is also brought to you by the colour red and the number 9

to make matters worse... it wasn't the scouts that had the mix up. It was Network!!

Gav and I hastily put together a hike for the Network to do (in about an hour and a half, and thats including visiting some of the way points!). They were to set off from Sudbrooke (local campsite for those of you not from Lincoln) and they had been given a point to get to. I would be waiting at this point with the grid reference for the next point they were to go to.

so on and so forth.... you get the idea.

Unfortunately the types of hike that Network has done in the past (across the South Common to get to the pub, and then back) kind of missled some of the Network members to think that we would have organised a short stroll. So weren't entirely prepared for the 3hours that they were out walking for. (one actually had to be picked up in my car and taken to the end)

I think they all know now that when Gav and I say hike we don't mean a stroll... the scouts and boiling on the other hand I'm still not so sure about!