It's time for a blackout people!

You shut those curtains Margerie

Okay, maybe not the type of blackout where you have to paint your cow...
Nice brush strokes... but no, not this type of black out Debra

I'm talking about the internet blackout.

That's right I am (kinda) joining the internet blackout for the protest against SOPA/PIPA... if I knew how to actually black out my website then I would for the 24hours. But seeing that I lack that knowledge you're going to have to put up with a post by my good self.

Mayeb I should invest in one of these...
Wikipedia handily has some information about the whole thing if you want to learn more about it... right here

If you're in America then PLEASE contact your Congressman to let them know that you are against SOPA/PIPA. With the number of pictures that I borrow for punchlines and jokes I would be shut down... even though I don't make any money from this site! If you are not from the US, like myself, then try contacting your Ambassador in the US... they are there to represent you after all.

So concider this site blacked out, and close your eyes or something!

UPDATE: Here's where you can add your name to the petition:

ANOTHER UPDATE: The blackout is now over... you can have your links and buttons and other useful stuff back now!