*rushing of nurses and other people with odd bits of beeping machinery*


we're loosing him...


*overly shiney doctor with sparkly glint in teeth stares into camera* "Not on my watch"

*pounds chest*

... *blog splutters back into life*

No I haven't been in hospital and I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. Infact I've been to Africa for my first non scout related holiday in over 12 years (which for a 25year old is a rather sad fact).

Given that it was a non scouting trip I won't be covering it in any detail on here: altho being surrounded by elephants and chased by rhinos (I kid you not) was exciting and I thoughly enjoyed myself.

Rest assured that normal coverage of my scouting adventures will resume as soon as I figure out what normal is.


Akela Joy said...

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