Does this mean that I will need to change the name of my blog?

You know how recently I have been kinda teasing you... saying that I have some secret stuff going on and that I couldn't tell you about them until the time is right.

Well, the time has come! 

*villagers rejoicing and dancing in the streets*

So huddle in and pinkie promise swear you won't tell anyone...

*deep breath*

.... I'm changing sections to be an Assistant Explorer Scout Leader!

There are a number of reasons why I am wanting to make the move, but the main one is that is it a section that I have always wanted to work with and all my recent work with the Jamboree reminded me of that and made me want it even more. I haven't made the change yet tho. That's going to happen after Christmas, to give me time to get all my loose ends sorted out in the scout troop (like updating blooming record cards).

You actually have no idea how much I wanted to tell you all that sooner. I shadowed an Explorer Unit here in Lincoln for a couple of months to get a feel for the section and I loved it and I wanted to share it all with you. Like the refugee experience, or the murder mystery night at halloween or the Guy Fawkes night... but I couldn't as my scouts didn't know I will be leaving them.

Not long now until Christmas, and I am so excited!

Oh, and that other secret project of mine... all in good time... you'll find out soon enough.


Chris said...

Welcome to the Light side of the force, coming into explorers.

You could just call the blog diary of a scouting leader then well then it would kind of be the same.

I am sure you will enjoy explorers I did when I made the move.