All the best things are inflatable

Some things are just better for being inflatable...
(before any of you dirty minded people go there... no I am not talking about dolls!)

Like castles...

... or beds...

... or even a Church...
This church blows... (up)
What has this got to do with scouts I hear you ask, well, I arrived at the hall on Monday to see this:

And what the bejabbers is that I hear you cry?! (you're just full of questions today arn't you)

Well, the explorers asked to do some star gazing while we were program planning with them. Unfortunately, being in the UK, the weather doesn't generally help with the whole scheduling to go out and look at the stars thing. Actually, the weather in the UK has generally been messed up of late (late week the temperatures were about the 20C mark, this week we have snow... go figure). So instead of taking the kids out of the hall to see the stars, we brought the stars into the hall.

That's right, it's an INFLATABLE PLANETARIUM!

How cool is that!

Once everyone had entered through the tunnel, we had a short slide show about the universe. Apparantly there are an extra 4 planets that I didn't even know about, it wasn't that I had forgotten their names... I had never actually heard of them!

Had you heard of Ceres, Haumea, Makemake and Eris?!
 I'll excuse you while you take that in.

Ready to carry on? Good.

After my tiny little mind had popped in the presentation, we moved onto a tour round the stars in the planetarium. The whole of the inside of it was dotted with the stars (and the planets, which were set up as that there were actually outside) and we got to watch as they spun round through a 24hour cycle. It was beautiful, and I wish I would have been able to take a photo or a film without my phone lighting up and screwing with everyones vision.

To make it up to you for not having a video of that... here's a little song that I pops into my head whenever I think about the universe:

Note: Obviously a number of the pictures (and the film) don't belong to me... please don't sue me